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The research studies a creedal topic that is an origin in all divine laws, and it is prophecy in the Jewish religion, because God made the foundation of religion on their hands, they are the good example in all actions, and they came to call people to worship God, and their evidence of how this worship, and God Almighty singled out the Children of Israel with many prophets, and this is a better advantage for them, as they were sent in close periods of time, not separated by a spaced interval, and most of them were righteous men or women who were called the Prophet, so the Torah acknowledges the mission of these prophets starting with Moses. Because those who preceded them are called (the first fathers), the aim of this study is to clarify the doctrine of Jewish prophecy, and to count the number of prophets mentioned in the Torah, in order to distinguish between them and the false prophets. One result of the research: that prophecy in the Jewish religion is a religious rank that can be gained through heredity or learning in the schools of the prophets, and the Jewish religion does not believe except in the prophets who are the descendants of the children of Israel only, they consider themselves God’s chosen people.