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Every human being requires a high level of physical fitness as well as the availability of a good health condition. It necessitates consistent participation in sports activities, which should be done with conscious awareness and understanding of their significance.

The researchers' observations of the elderly category diagnose the suffering experienced by this age group as a result of the rapid decline and deterioration in biokinetic abilities, as well as the sport environment in their society, which is considered to be a poor environment in which there are no playgrounds, and if there are, they are not appropriate for their ages.

In addition, because they are not scientifically legalized, their sport practices may be less or greater than their capabilities. The study aimed to prepare functional exercises for the elderly (60-65 years) using a designed training field in order to develop the most important physiological variables and to determine the effect of these exercises on some of the biokinetic abilities.

The researchers concluded that functional exercises using a designed training field have a positive effect on some of the physiological variables of the elderly (60-65) years old