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In order to achieve a good and safe level of public health, individuals must practice various types of exercise, such as running, swimming, cycling and others, due to the important physiological changes that athletic training induces in the body, which works to develop important biokinetic abilities to efficiently perform daily life functions and others. The study's goal was to create functional exercises to help the elderly (60-65 years old) develop some of their biomotor abilities and to determine the effect of functional exercises on some of their biokinetic abilities. The researchers employed the experimental method, creating two equal groups. The research community included the elderly in the old people's home / governorate of Babylon, which included 21 people, and the sample consisted of 14 people who were randomly selected and divided into two groups, an experimental group and a control group, in which functional exercises were performed after performing stem tests on the experimental group with three training sessions a week and for 8 weeks afterwards, post-tests were performed and the data were statistically processed using SPSS (Statistical Bag).The researchers concluded that functional exercises improve some of the biomotor abilities of the elderly (60-65 years old).