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The purpose of this paper is to prepare high - intensity interval training and know the extent of its effects on the development of performance endurance and receiving skill from movement, rolling and shooting for junior football players, where the researcher used the experimental approach and by designing two equal groups with pre - and post - tests for its relevance to the nature of the problem and the achievement of the research objectives. After the research community identified the emerging football players for the sports season at the Specialized School for the Care of Sports Talent in Babylon (2020-2021). Whose ages ranged from (14-16) years, and their number was (35) players, the goalkeeper was excluded, and a sample of them was chosen. It was made up of (24) players who were divided at random for the purposes of the research experiment by (12) players for each of the two groups, the experimental (high - intensity interval) and the control group.

Following the completion of the testing process for the research variables for the pre and post - tests, as well as the application of the research experiment.

The researchers then recommended: the use of training methods within youth training programs because of their positive impact on the development and development of the level of skill and physical performance, as well as conducting studies using exercises similar to the nature of the motor performance that occurs during a match, with an interest in improving the complex skillful performance of junior footballers.