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The aim of this work is to prepare dynamic lactic acid exercises and to know the extent of their effects on blood lactic acid concentration after exercise. In addition, the development of complex offensive skill of receiving from the movement and then passing for junior football players. During which the researchers employed an experimental strategy (by designing two equal groups with pre - and post - tests). Search for its applicability to the nature of the problem and access to achieving goals. After the research community identified the emerging football players in the Specialized School for the Care of Sports Talent in Babylon for the sports season (2020-2021), whose ages ranged from (14-16) years, and they numbered (35) players, a sample of them was selected consisting of (24) players using the simple random method, and divided for the purposes of the research experiment randomly by (12) players for each group.

The researchers then suggested that football coaches use appropriate exercises to effectively develop the players' special abilities and, as a result, improve the level of skill performance. Paying attention to and focusing on measuring physiological variables such as pulse, lactic acid concentration, and others during exercise performance for all age groups in order to legalize exercises and determine the extent of their impact on players.