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The problem of the research lies in the formulation of the main research question, which is: (What is the relationship between creative leadership and the administrative performance of pedagogical supervisors from the perspective of physical education teachers? As for the research objectives, they were (to elaborate measures of creative leadership and administrative performance for the specialized supervisors. To determine the relationship between creative leadership and administrative performance of specialized supervisors. The second chapter is about the research methodology, the research community and its sample. Two sections were divided into this community: preparatory samples and experimental samples. The researcher used the conditions for the construction and preparation of standards, exploratory experiments, main experiments, and statistical methods. In terms of the third chapter, only the results showing the correlation relationships between the level of creative leadership and the level of administrative performance of subject teachers are presented and discussed. The fourth chapter dealt with the conclusions and recommendations, the most important of which was (the measure of creative leadership for professional supervisors, which consisted of (53) paragraphs. In terms of the measure of the administrative performance consisted of (62) items. The results indicated that the specialized supervisors did not have the required level of creative leadership as well as administrative performance.