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In electrical stimulation, the key is to stimulate the muscle fibers to the optimal level. For example, if the muscle is subjected to a great resistance, it needs to excite the greatest number of motor units. Moreover, it can be an aid such as a massage aimed at eliminating the fatigue symptoms of the muscles, and the electrical stimulation is used to stimulate the muscles to work and help them to bear the other loads as well, while it is performed in parallel with the exercise, since it is an auxiliary procedure and not a basic one, which has been spread in all countries and has not caused any harm so far and has not been banned by the Olympic Committee, which means that it is not forbidden. Since the research aims to prepare special exercises and electrical stimulation on some of the working muscles of volleyball smash for teenagers to identify the effect of electrical stimulation on some working muscles of volleyball smash for teenagers, the research community was identified from the first-class volleyball players for the youth category in Babel governorate aged (17-19) years, The main sample was selected from Al-Hashmiya Sports Club with (22) players. After excluding the Libero players, (20) players were selected for the main experiment and divided into two control groups by a simple random procedure (the lottery). And experimentally with (10) players for each group, as the first group used special exercises for the coach and the second group used special exercises and electrical stimulation and the researcher used the statistical bag of spss to extract the results.