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The goal of this paper is to determine the effect of assistive device exercises on some bio-kinetic variables spiking in volleyball for youth. The research community was determined from the first-class volleyball players for the youth category in the province of Babylon, aged (17-19) years, with (60) players, and the main sample was selected from Al-Hashmiya Sports Club with (22) players, after the libero players were excluded. their number grew (20) A player for the main experiment, and they were divided into two control and experimental groups by the simple random method (the lottery), with ten players for each group, as the first group used special exercises by the coach, and the second group used special exercises using the auxiliary method, and the researcher used the spss statistical bag to extract the results. Among the results that the researcher found out is that the training schedule with the aid had a positive effect on some of the biokinetic indicators in youth volleyball, and among the recommendations that the researcher found out is the need to adopt the aid for the players to develop the levels of technical performance of youth volleyball players