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The significance of research lies: In the development of complex exercises, for the development of certain physical skills and skillful performance in young soccer players. Concerning the research problem, the researcher has noticed a weakness in integrating the elements on which play is based in the training exercises prepared by most coaches for the development of young people through his experience and field observation in the areas of play and training. As a result of this imbalance in age group preparation, there was a clear weakness in the physical and skill aspects at advanced levels. As a result, the problem of research on the integration of these components to develop the levels of the players and improve the physical and skill capabilities, particularly for the young players who make up half of the present and all of the future. The researchers assumed that compound exercises have an impact on developing some physical abilities and skill performance for young football players. The research community was comprised of twenty (20) emerging football players from the Al-Tali'a Sports Forum, who were divided into two control and experimental groups. (Physical abilities and performance of skills).