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Original Study


The study aimed at preparing rehabilitation exercises with aids to develop the strength of the shoulder joint and knowing the effect of exercises on the performance of the Arabic jump skill in the artistic gymnastics for students, during which the researchers used the experimental method (and by designing one group with follow-up tests) for its suitability to the nature of the problem and access to achieving the objectives of the research. The research community was identified with students of the second stage in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the Islamic University for the academic year 2021-2022, numbering (132) students. After completing the process of testing and measuring the research variables, the results of the research were extracted after statistical treatment. From there, the researchers reached several conclusions, the most important of which were the following:

- There are significant differences in the results of the research tests (pre-test - first-track-second-post-post).

- Rehabilitation exercises with assistive means for the shoulder joint led to an improvement in the effectiveness of the shoulder joint in the strength gains of the joint.

- The rehabilitation exercises with auxiliary means led to the success of the injured in the shoulder joint in performing the skill of the Arab jump in the artistic gymnastics for students.