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Recent years have highlighted a special indicator of the importance of physical education, as it is clear in the advanced countries' high levels of sports achievement thanks to scientific research and targeted studies that scientific sports institutions have contributed seriously and effectively in order to raise the level of achievement in various sports in general, including sports. Gymnastics, in particular technical gymnastics for women, occupy an advanced position among the various types of sports activity. Assistive devices are one of the most important factors that achieve this in gymnastics because they are among the accelerating factors in the learning process if used well, as well as they simplify the learning process and facilitate the performance of movements in addition to having an important and essential role in the learning process for the purpose of improving the skill aspect Approaching the optimal performance form and method is an essential duty of the learning process. The experimental method was used by designing the control and experimental groups for its suitability to the nature of the research problem. The researchers identified the research sample on the third stage students - the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, which numbered (20) students. The researcher determined the skill of rising back balance and landing Cartwell on the balance beam by looking at the external sources and references of the game and some of the biokinetic capabilities and the kinematic variables the subject of the research. The researcher used the statistical means (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, skew coefficient, simple correlation coefficient (Pearson) and (t) test for linked and independent samples).