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The problem of the research lies in the process of learning to perform the stages of fast break and refereeing skills is one of the important topics in handball, especially for students of the college of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, third stage. It is one of the difficult tasks that students suffer from, as it includes planning exercises with group work in most of them, which requires deep cognitive and practical aspects so that the student can acceptably perform them.

The aims of the research included identifying the effect of blended learning with digital communication on the fast break handball, as well as identifying the effect of blended learning using digital communication in the performance of students’ handball refereeing skills.

As for the hypotheses of the research, it includes that blended learning with digital communication had a positive effect on the formations of the fast break handball. As well as a positive effect of blended learning with digital communication on the performance of the refereeing skills of handball for students.

The researchers used the experimental research by designing two equal groups (experimental and control) with a pre and post-test. The research sample, it consists of a group of third-year students in the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences - Babylon University for the academic year 2020-2021.

The blended learning strategy was implemented on the members of the experimental group, which includes two parts; the first is the electronically via digital communication through the educational platforms (classroom) and the (meet) program, through which the theoretical material was delivered, and the second part is in the class, which included practical learning units in the court.

After conducting the post-tests, the data was analyzed and a set of conclusions were reached, and these are the most important ones: Blended learning with digital communication has an effective effect on the development of the individual and grouping fast break in handball for students. As well, blended learning with digital connection has great effectiveness in developing the performance of refereeing skills in handball for students.