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Finding the finest strategies and techniques to help develop the unique endurance of futsal players, as well as attaining the proper functional adaptation, are key goals of the research. In order to establish some physiological factors and the unique endurance of futsal players, the researchers chose to use playing activities.

In terms of the research problem: The research problem includes two main axes: the first one is the low stamina of the players, which is one of the obstacles that futsal players suffer from.

Concerning the second axis, the challenge lies in identifying the most effective training regimens and strategies for enhancing individual endurance. The two researchers talked about how practicing sports can improve a player's heart rate, PO2 concentration, and level of endurance.

One of the research's goals was to

1- Determine how playing exercises affected some physiological characteristics and futsal players' unique endurance (strength endurance, speed endurance, performance endurance).

2- Determining the difference in some physiological characteristics and the unique endurance of the female futsal players between the two groups.

A pre- and post-test, two experimental groups, an experimental design with two groups, and data collection techniques such tools, devices, measurements, and a qualification method were all used by the researcher. The statistical approach was adopted by the researcher (SPSS).