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The research aims to develop measures of conscience vitality and ambition levels to determine their levels and correlations in basketball referees. The research community was determined by the working referees accredited and registered in the records of the Central Basketball Federation in Iraq, whose number is (84) referees distributed among the three levels of referees (international, first and second). The research sample was selected using a comprehensive inventory method. The scale of ambition consisted of (28) items representing (4) dimensions, namely (efficiency, organization, sense of duty, and self-discipline). The scale of ambition level consisted of (28) items representing (4) dimensions, namely (vision and orientation for the future, self-confidence, readiness, sense of success and failure). The two scales were applied to the study sample and five standard levels were extracted for the sample. The statistical program (SPSS) was used to extract the results. The study found a direct significant correlation between the vitality of consciousness and the ambition of basketball referees. The study recommends that the vitality of conscience in all its dimensions among basketball referees should be improved through the continuing education courses held by the Association and the Basketball Referees Committee.