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The use of common learning methods is monotonous and does not stimulate the inclinations of learners as desired, especially in the early stages of learning. This stage is accompanied by performance difficulties, lack of experience and insufficient motor skills to help them learn to play basketball. Research objectives (preparing a set of preparatory games for basketball players to identify the impact of the preliminary games on some offensive skills of basketball for players). The second chapter deals with the experimental research method and the research community determined by the Young Players in the province of Babylon and the sample. A simple random procedure was used to select players from the Babylon Sports Talent Development Department as the experimental group. As for the rules, they are the players of Al-Hilla Sports Club. A series of introductory games were prepared to develop, in a competitive manner, the main motor skills and some basic skills. The tests were also identified and the appropriate statistical means were selected. In the third chapter, the results of the research variables were presented and discussed. The conclusions were that the preparatory games are one of the most effective methods of developing basic skills in basketball and for young ages. The development of the experimental group as a result of following the curriculum. As for the recommendations, it is necessary to pay attention to young age groups and to consider them more in the research. The use of introductory games is of great benefit for the rapid learning of basic skills and should therefore be taken into account.