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The high-pressure exercises are considered to be the most important methods that contribute effectively to the development of the physical levels and skills of the players because they contain fast and strong tables similar to playing in the competition that helps in developing the performance of the players significantly which reflect a positive impact during the competition time. As the passing and rolling skills are the main aspect of the futsal, the research was concerned with the development of these skills by using the high-pressure exercises which serve the skill side of players, and the more distinguished the team was in their possession of high physical and skill capabilities, the more skill upgrading for the whole futsal team. The aim of this research is to understand the effect of the high-pressure exercises on developing the performance and some of the basic skills for futsal players. The research imposes the existence of statistically significant differences between the experimental group before and after the experiment in endurance performance and passing skill. The researcher uses the experimental curriculum that contains two equivalent groups (pretest and post-test) to make it more suitable for the experimental groups. The research concludes that the high-pressure exercises affect positively in improving some of the physical and basic skills and performance for futsal players.