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The economic empowerment of young people with disabilities from micro-enterprise access in Iraq is the creation of conditions and requirements and the removal of all obstacles for persons with disabilities, in particular the youth group, to enter economic life, in particular enterprises that employ (1) to (9) workers. The main social challenges to the economic empowerment of young people with disabilities are low awareness. The dependence of people with disabilities themselves, the intervention of intruders, the absence of economic planning and weak economic feasibility studies, the financial crisis, the difficulty of financing, discouraged subsidies and mock employment are the main economic challenges to the economic empowerment of this group. Therefore, the Iraqi legislature must adopt a government programme and make full plans to convince persons with disabilities and their families of the importance of work and production in society. It is essential to confront retrograde ideas by raising awareness of the ability and potential of the children of this group to work, create and produce by adopting a genuine economic plan that takes into account the reduction of unemployment rates among persons with disabilities by placing them in small enterprises.