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The research deals with the concept of type and its relationship to collective memory as one of the structural elements used by the student of architecture and that work to structure history. It is the principle that it leads to the process of creation and formation, which is the representative form of the principle or concept of the building, and thus it is the common essence that leads to the element and shows an aspect of the historical situation in the framework of current architectural knowledge. Therefore, the research aims to clarify the relationship between pattern and collective memory in the products of architecture students. The research was based on analyzing 15 graduation projects for the fifth stage students in the Department of Architecture-Al-Mustansiriya University according to an analysis form, and analyzing the results using SPSS. The research reached the lack of correlation of the intellectual content with the apparent formation of the architectural productions derived from the collective memory, which shows the gap that exists between the surface and deep structure in understanding the collective memory of the student of architecture.