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The present research tackles the analysis of selected texts from family sayings in the narratives of the mothers of the believers (may Allah please them). It is concerned with a rhetoric analysis based on the rules of Arabic rhetoric developed by rhetoric scholars (may Allah have mercy on them). The analysis is conduted by the use and assistance of rhetoric tools to reveal the aesthetic characteristics of these narratives, the explanation of preferring an expression on another, the priority of the use of one structure upon another. Moreover, the analysis manifests the splender of the adorable images and realising the distinctive characteristics of each saying and explaining its role in directing the meaning so as to affect on the recipient and persuade him. This is because the hadiths (speeches) of our Messenger (Pease be upon him) are purposeful texts aimed at building the Muslim family. The texts also clarify the correct foundation on which the family relations are built in accordance with the correct teaching of Islam conduted in dircting Muslims to abide by them.