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The most developed countries. In terms of life sciences, that that provide physical education with a powerful and reliable presence in the educational and training process. It goes beyond that to the students' physical and motor abilities and basic skills based on their abilities. Furthermore, the disparity in intellectual levels between the coach's multiple approaches to training, taking into account the correct classification of the skill and how to develop it according to the scientific methods studied. In order to bring the players to a level of capable and successful performance. The following two questions occurred to the researchers. Firstly, who are boxing instructors at the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences / University of Babylon? Secondly, is there any link between compatibility, punching, and straightening? The researchers decided to identify and learn about the relationship between compatibility, agility, and straight punch. As a result, students in the second stage can benefit from directing the educational process to serve them and facilitating the process of learning the straight punch. In order to solve the research problem, the researchers used the descriptive approach in the correlative relationships style. The researchers drew the research community from students at the University of Babylon's College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences - the second stage, Division B, which had (40) students, while the research sample had (15) students who were chosen at random with a 37.5 percent chance. The researchers concluded that there is a significant relationship between the ability of compatibility and straight punch for students of the second stage / College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences / the University of Babylon.