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Extract, the mention of numbers in the Prophet's Hadith in the sponsor "This is stimulated to study the conversations in which it was received 'and the statement of its communication and the descendants and stand in its beauty' and the surroundings of their expression 'and given its many And the difficulty of its studies and segregation with certain pages." We are choosing a few conversations from the door of scienton in the Saheeh al-Bukhari to be an exemplary model on the eloquent conversation' and our analyzed by a speech based on what ITOT The Arab speech is based on the rules 'that the Prophet's speech is the peak of the Arab statement after the Koran' as the best prayer and the delivery is "and the best of the pronunciation. Thus, the study has tried to reveal this arts guaranteed and then a statement of its impact on its construction and content and indicates its characteristics and indicating its impact on the meaning of the benefit and conviction.