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The current research aims to identify (after the Stepans model in acquiring rhetorical concepts among students of the fifth literary class and developing their logical thinking) The two researchers adopted experimental design with two groups equal, to suit it with the nature of the research, and the research sample consisted of (50) students who were intentionally chosen from Al-Hikma Secondary School for Girls This sample was randomly divided into two experimental groups, one of which was experimental. It included (25) female students who studied rhetoric using the Stepans model, and another control group consisting of (25) female students who studied the same subject in the traditional way. The two researchers built a test for acquiring rhetorical concepts that included (24) test items of a multiple choice type. As for the second tool, the scale of logical thinking was in its final form of (40) paragraphs. After completing the application of the experiment, the researchers applied the two research tools (testing the acquisition of concepts and the logical thinking scale) Al-Baadi) over the two research groups, and the results showed that the experimental group was superior to the control group in the acquisition of rhetorical concepts and the logical reasoning scale.