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This research assumes that prejudice and racism is a malady that is inherited in the white American society... It is mirrored throughout many literary works written by American, Latin, African and Asian writers. The study sakes to introduce epitomized reconnaissance and systematize the history of racism and racial discrimination in the United States from the initial years of its constitution to its recent history in light of the texts and events of August Wilson's play " Fences" and applying critical race theory. Racism is the persecution ,oppression, dehumanizing ,underestimating and subjection of human beings on the basis of their social construction , colour ,ethnicity and race .It may be acted in different shapes including abuses ,beliefs ,behaviours and verbal attacks against a group of minority .Racism also involves oppressive and hostile obstacles that prevent people from maintaining their dignity and being equal to other groups of superiority due to the national origin or colour skin of this minority .This studies reveals the first inceptions of racism in the United States since the first slave was brought up to America from Africa .This study introduces first an s introduction on racism in general and in America in particular then and explains the most basic forms of racism in America then it introduces chronologically the stages and development of racism in America as a policy of its successive governments and a strategy of its white racial citizens all over the short history of this Nation then it presents the racism in America in the16th, 17th century ,18th century,19th century, and finally in the 20th century. At the end the study tamps with a brief conclusion of the destructive consequences and effects of racism on the human beings and that race is imposed and invented basically by white people.