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The relationship between Drama and Architecture regarding what both gain of influence, reaction, motivation, and inspiration that add to the output a form and context to constitute a dramatic space that produces connections (bridges) between human spirits for communication and convergence to handle the suffering of others by entering to the receiver's memory based on the plot that can weave from dialogue and conflict a dramatic space with a contemporary frame on both levels, the external and the internal one. By using existence, force, action, and reaction between the dramatic Architecture space elements with the recipient's engagement. The problem has determined: the detection of the relationship in effect and affectedness to the recipient by studying the event and the path to the mental and sensitive integration based on the dramatic space and its mechanisms to achieve integration, and also according to the mechanism of extraction and depending on sense and mind connection within conflict and dialogue equation. The research goal determined: to achieve the new dimensions at the contemporary Architecture by creating patterns characterized by drama trait to achievement sense and mental integration at the Architecture output. The research came to a conclusion, The possibility of establishing specific patterns in creating dramatic architectural productions by adopting the mechanisms and techniques of drama such as; mechanisms of formation in architecture and developing a plot for event frames based consistently with the extent of movement flow, depending on interaction, participation, and motivation between individual memory and collective memory.