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Original Study


The goal of the research is to identify the most important technological skills needed for teachers during blended learning in the time of Corona pandemic. The researcher followed the descriptive research methodology in the research procedures and their applications. She also identified the research community as primary school supervisors in Diyala province, then she selected a representative sample from within the research community, represented by (30) male and female supervisors selected randomly from the schools of the city of Baqubah, the center. The researcher prepared a technological skills questionnaire that included (20) skills in their final form, and they were presented before a group of referees and experts to ensure their validity and reliability. Afterwards, the researcher applied the research tool on the main research sample. After collecting data and analysing them statistically through the appropriate use of statistical equations (weighted average and percentage weight). The researcher showed and analysed the results according the research goal, which she adopted. The research results were that all paragraphs were achieved according to the certainty level designated by the researcher, except paragraphs (8, 5) for they did not exceed the certainty level. The first and second paragraph came in first and second place respectively, paragraphs (8, 11, 12, 3) came in third place, paragraphs (6, 15) came in fourth place, paragraphs (9, 13, 14) came in fifth place, paragraphs (3, 4, 7, 16, 18, 19, 20) came in sixth place, and paragraph (17) came in seventh place.