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The current research aimed at identifying the charismatic personality of the university students and the statistical significance differences of the charismatic personality according to the variable (specialization - grade - sex). The sample consisted of (240) male and female students randomly selected from the first and fourth grades). Both the sexes and the specialties (scientific and human), the two researchers built a measure of charismatic personality of (52) paragraphs in its final form and applied to the university students, using the following statistical means: (one test for one sample and two independent samples - correlation coefficient Pearson - Brother - chi square), the results showed: University students enjoy a higher level of charismatic personality, because university students are interested in their behavior and appearance to create the impression that they are role models of this community. There are no statistically significant differences between the university students in the level of charismatic personality according to the variable (specialization, grade, sex), the similarity of the social environment, and the university seeks to develop students' personalities from all aspects that achieve normal growth and integrated, and proposals