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Original Study


The research aims to demonstrate the impact of green human resource management practices in its four dimensions in achieving organizational excellence through an exploratory study in the Kirkuk Cement Factory and diagnosing the extent to which the plant applies green practices to human resources, which contributes to preserving the environment by reducing the level of pollution and reducing industrial emissions that negatively affect the environment. The environment, and the research sample consisted of (260) workers in Kirkuk Cement Factory and from various administrative levels.

The researchers concluded that the laboratory management has a clear interest in the practice of green human resources, as it is a modern administrative approach that works to direct the workers in an environmental direction in all activities that require implementation inside and outside the laboratory. The organization in the Kirkuk Cement Factory, and the research ends with a number of proposals that the researchers believe serve the field in question, the most prominent of which is encouraging the factory management to attract high calibers when seeking appointment according to scientific and international standards in line with meeting the needs of the organization to achieve green goals in its daily work and improve the work environment, The laboratory management was keen to display green performance evaluation indicators that are environmentally friendly to all employees in order to view them and know their objectives.