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Original Study


The current study aimed to know: The effect of the PLAN strategy on the achievement of fifth grade students in the subject of Islamic education and the development of their tolerant thinking. The experimental design (with partial control) was chosen for two equal groups (experimental and control), as the researcher chose (fraternity and Suhaib Al-Roumi) preparatory, which are from day schools, within the Tikrit district, intentionally as a field for the experiment, and the research sample consisted of (66) students. They were randomly distributed into two groups, an experimental group that was taught using the PLAN strategy, and a control group that was taught using the method. For the sake of the safety of the research, the researcher rewarded the two research groups in some variables that may have an effect on the independent variable, such as (chronological age, intelligence and previous information test). The researcher prepared the necessary tools for research, as he prepared an achievement test, the number of its paragraphs reached (25) test items of the type of multiple choice and a measure for the development of tolerant thinking, the number of paragraphs reached (32.( The researcher taught this subject to teach the two research groups himself, and after the end of the experiment and the application of tests and obtaining the results, they were processed statistically using statistical methods (measures of dispersion, central tendency, correlation coefficients, and chi-square), and the results showed:

The students of the experimental group outperformed the students of the control group in achievement.

The students of the experimental group outperformed the students of the control group in the development scale.

Based on the results, the researcher concluded that the adoption of the Plan strategy in education has a positive impact on increasing the achievement of its students and developing tolerant thinking. In light of this, the researcher put forward a number of recommendations in addition to a number of suggestions.