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The wrestling game is a sporting event that contains many skills, including throwing grips (kidnapping from above the chest), whose degree of success requires special abilities characterized by a high degree of flexibility and movements in the joints and major muscles working in performance. Therefore, the importance of the research was manifested in the impact of special exercises for differential training in the development of special strength and the extent of knowledge of the relationship between it and the level of skill performance of some throwing grips (snatching from above the chest among Baghdad youth club wrestlers in Roman wrestling. The problem was addressed to the lack of use of these grips, as well as the multiplicity of substitute grips for them by competitor wrestlers, and the always finding alternative means by the coaches, which leads to not achieving the highest points for the wrestler performing the grip, and this affects his level by achieving victory. The aim of it was to develop the special strength and know the relationship between it and the skill performance of the grips under study, where the researcher assumed the existence of significant differences in the impact of the use of special exercises in developing some types of strength, and clarification of the existence of a relationship between them and the skill performance of some grips, and theoretical studies included theoretical materials that serve this study. As for the research methodology and field procedures, the researcher used the sample and all the statistical procedures and means according to the SPSS statistical package. The researcher presented, analyzed and discussed the data that was extracted after using the statistical package (SPSS) for these statistical methods, and thus reached the conclusions and recommendations that were obtained through those data and the most important of the conclusions: The effect of exercises according to differential training has a positive role in developing the types of special strength of the wrestlers among the sample members, as well as the skillful performance of throwing grips (snatching ) from above the chest, a strong relationship with the development of the "special teams".Therefore, the researcher recommended the use of the exercises of differential training when training in the period of special preparation for Roman wrestling. This requires the coach to take into account the exact relationship between the process of special physical preparation and skill preparation in the training process in developing some types of strength for the sample members and thus developing the skill performance of the requirements under study.