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Liability insurance is a type of damage insurance which represents the best legal guarantee for the affected people from car accidents by obtaining their right to compensation. As a result of the large, noticeable and terrifying increase in accidents as a result of the increase in the activity of vehicles of all kinds, liability insurance in this area has become mandatory and not optional for every car owner. Despite the advantages that the compulsory insurance system for car accidents achieved in the application, it seemed that the defects of this system appeared to surface, which requires searching for an alternative that ensures that the car accident victim has the right to fair compensation because these accidents fall on the most important human rights, which is his physical safety, this regard, including the Iraqi law in Law No. 52 of 1980 in force, whose texts included an organization that does not exist in the compulsory insurance system that making insurance from liability direct insurance is automatically different in terms of the type of relationship between the parties to the insurance relationship, the parties, and the damages covered by compensation, and the persons benefiting from the insurance.