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Original Study


The study seeks to clarify the most important dimensions and forms of marketing information, its characteristics and the appropriate ones for marketing, the content of its marketing activity, the briefing of the means to ensure the success of its marketing, and the most important methods that informational institutions pursue in their marketing plans, as well as to identify the obstacles of marketing information. The study adopted a case base qualitative descriptive approach based on secondary data analysis. Secondary data were collected various electronic and paper sources. The analysis in the context of informational institutions resulted, a set of conclusions, including: Information, resources, and planning play a prominent role in the strategic advancement of marketing in information enterprises; and Marketing information is based on cultural, political, innate, and financial considerations in promoting marketing. As for the most important recommendations, for informational institutions include developing appropriate plans to ensure their advancement in the marketing of information, and these institutions should take the initiative and forcefully to enter the market of competition with other Arab and international institutions.