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Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) is a postmodern synthesis of Shakespeare's two most famous tragedies, Othello and Romeo and Juliet. It takes off where Shakespeare plays shockingly end. The experience of the protagonist Constance in with Desdemona and Juliet is essential to develop her character for the better when she realizes that Desdemona and Juliet are part of her personality. She has to drown in her unconsciousness to find her true self and change her determined identity through socially gender constructs. This study aims at identifying the representation of Shakespeare's women characters in MacDonald's play and their roles in developing the protagonist's character and consequently demonstrating her individuality. Moreover, knowing how Deconstruction helps re-evaluate women's position and create a new form of a woman. Thus the new version would constitute a complete updating of Shakespeare's plays within the contemporary culture and ideology. The results show the conventional interpretations; MacDonald utilizes Shakespeare's plays to raise current female issues and form her own story that allows the modern reader to develop a modern, conceivable understanding of Shakespeare's works, demonstrating that he is a feminist whose plays have prefigured postmodern women. Through Deconstruction, MacDonald draws the attention for a feminist reading of those Shakespearian plays, examining how the female characters are victims of the patriarchal society and how women are in need to feel they are liberated and able to make their own choice in life.