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Original Study


1- Coordinating the two training programs in a successive manner for the qualities of maximum speed and general length of football for young football players.

2- Identifying the effect of the training program in a successive manner for the characteristics of maximum speed and general stamina on the aerobic and anaerobic abilities under consideration for young football players.

The researchers used the experimental method in a one-group method for its suitability and the nature of the research problem, and the research community was identified, they are the young football players in Erbil Governorate for the football season (2020-2021), and their number is 144, and the research sample consisted of (10) players representing the proportion of (6 ,94%) of the research community, the experimental design with pre and post tests was used, and the independent variables in the research were the following (exercises maximum speed and general endurance), and the dependent variables were (aerobic and anaerobic abilities of young football players), and the data were processed Which were reached by relying on the statistical bag (SPSS).