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The research dealt with the classification and evaluation of groundwater for the main uses in the eastern Nineveh Plain, and for that the hydrochemical analysis of the water of (25) wells was carried out, and high concentrations of magnesium, calcium, sulfate and bicarbonate ions were observed. The (Rock Works) program that used for the purpose of classification, this program has three methods were adopted, namely Durov, Piper and Stiff method. by the newly methods the study found (8) types of water. The type (Mg - SO4) constituted (32%) of the total varieties Groundwater in the region, which that reflect the natural characteristics of the region groundwater, that are largely controlled by geological characteristics of the water types and its validity of its uses. The evaluation of groundwater in the study area showed validity of (5) Wells, for drinking, that percentage of (20%) of the total wells that were studied, and the percentage reached (100%) in terms of its suitability for irrigation and (96%) for animal consumption as a good and very good quality.