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The paper aims at studying the extent of the effect of Dimensions of servant leadership in developing the creative abilities, and knowing the type of relationships that link the dimensions of servant leadership each other. None of the researchers touched on linking the study variables, In the same field, according to the researcher's knowledge, and from this point of view, the main objective was determined, which is to study the effect of servant leadership on the developing of creative abilities. The research was conducted in Al-Door Technical Institute. The study population was represented by (43) teachers at the Technical Institute. The current forms were distributed to all faculty members and with the help of the Human Resources Director, and in order to process the data, many statistical methods were used, most notably the standard deviation, the arithmetic mean, the Pearson correlation coefficient, Equations model, The researchers found a moral and direct correlation between servant leadership and the creative abilities of faculty members at the Technical Institute, as well as the moral and positive impact of servant leadership in developing the creative skills of faculty members mentioned technical institute. The paper is a general review of the concept of servant leadership and its impact on developing the creative abilities of employees.