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The current research aims to identify (the effectiveness of an educational program based on the directed investigative approach in the achievement of female students of Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences in the subject of educational planning). The researchers adopted the experimental design with partial control for the two equal experimental and control groups with the post-test, to suit the nature of the research, as the research sample consisted of (30) female students who were deliberately selected from the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences in the College of Education for Girls, Tikrit University. (15) female students studied the first experimental group according to the educational program, and the second group studied according to the usual method, and by (15) students, the researchers prepared the model teaching plans for both groups. An achievement test was also prepared for the experiment, which consisted of (30 items), and the test was verified by appearance and content. Post-achievement, and in light of the results reached by the researchers, they recommend a number of recommendations, including: The necessity of adopting educational programs in teaching educational subjects in universities. Teaching methods curricula include investigative learning strategies in teaching planning in educational sciences departments, and the need to train their students on modern programs in teaching. To complement the results of the study, the researchers suggested some suggestions, including: the effect of the educational program in developing skills of acquiring educational concepts in the subject of educational planning and developing their tendency towards it, and building an educational program according to the strategies of the investigation in the collection of teaching methods and knowing its impact on their performance efficiency among third-year students.