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The research testing the relationship between Human Engineering in four dimensions: Human Engineering: (Physical, Environmental, Organizational, and Cognitive), and Total Quality Management in six dimensions: (Quality Management System, Administrative Leadership Commitment, Employee Integration and Training, Strategic Quality Planning, and Management of Production Operations and Continuous Quality Improvement), and its reflection on Value Engineering, as well as testing the direct correlation and effect relationships between independent and dependent variables by testing four main hypotheses in Diyala State Company, the site of the research. Data were collected from 271 randomly selected individuals representing the research sample. The research relied on the questionnaire as the main measurement tool, and used descriptive and inferential statistical methods to answer the problem, We have concluded that there is a significant relationship between the two independent variables, which is reflected in the increase in the total impact value of each of them on Value Engineering. The recommendations came to adopt the research model in the company because of its impact on engineering the value of its products and production Operations.