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There is a need for learners at different levels of study to break the deadlock and repetition that they encountered, and university students undoubtedly suffer from this matter. It is the responsibility of teachers to strive to enliven them by using completely new methods and strategies to achieve communication between teachers and learners. This study aimed to know the effectiveness of the aesthetic approach in teaching philosophy to develop some values among university students. The study followed the experimental design. The study sample consisted of two groups; Experimental: It was studied according to the aesthetic approach, while the control group studied according to the usual method. The number of students reached 72 students, distributed as 36 students to the experimental group and 36 students to the control group. To achieve the objectives of the study; The values test was prepared by the researcher. The results of the study showed that there was a statistically significant difference between the average scores of the two experimental groups that were taught using the aesthetic approach and the scores of the control group that were taught by the usual method in the test of values and in favor of the experimental group.