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The aim of the current research is to find out the impact of the problem-solving strategy on the development of informed thinking among fifth grade of literature. To achieve this aim, the researcher formulated a nill hypothesis There are no statistically significant differences between the mean scores of the experimental group who are studied according to the future problem solving strategy and the mean scores of the control group who are studied according to conventional method at the significance level of 0.05,In the subject of principles of philosophy and psychology, the researcher identified a sample of his research consisting of 60 students, from the fifth literary grade students at Al-Ramah Al-Awali School (30) for the experimental group and (30) students from Gamal Abdel Nasser School as the control group that was studied in the traditional method, and the researcher verified the internal and external integrity of experimental design, and the researcher prepared research requirements from future teaching plans according to the strategy of solving future problems and the traditional method as well as the enlightened thinking test consisting of 15 paragraphs of multiple choice type, The researcher used the appropriate statistical means to complete his research. The results showed that students in the experimental group studying futureproblem-solving strategy outperformed those in the control group studying the traditional method in the subject of principles of philosophy and psychology.