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The researchers adopted the experimental design in the partial control of the experimental and control groups, which are equivalent before and after testing. To suit the nature of the research, if the research sample consisted of (55) female students, who were selected from a semester class from Ibn Al-Atheer High School, Lebanon (0 student) (experimental), she was drawn according to the proposed creative strategy and Al-Fadila Preparatory for Girls (25 female students) who studied according to the regular method. The two researchers prepared typical teaching plans for both groups, and the analytical thinking test was prepared, which consisted of (20 items) and the validity of the apparent test was verified. The pre-test was applied to the two groups before starting the experiment on Monday (9 9/10/2018). Then it began. The two researchers applied the experiment on Wednesday, corresponding to (0-30-1-2018) and ended on Tuesday (7-1-2-2020). Results The data were processed using appropriate statistical methods and the results showed the superiority of the experimental group over the control group in the selection, and in light of the results reached by the researchers recommend a number of recommendations, including: Directing Arabic language teachers and teachers to adopt modern strategies that It works on acquiring literary concepts among learners and emphasizes the teachers of the Arabic language and its school on taking into account the emotional aspects of students and paying attention to modern teaching strategies. Suggestions have been made in your light, including: The effectiveness of a proposed strategy according to the theory of successful intelligence in the achievement of students of the fourth grade literary in the subject of Arabic grammar and the development of their tendencies towards it and the effectiveness of the proposed strategy according to the method of successful intelligence in developing the angry thinking of the second-grade intermediate students in the subject of reading.