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The products, with their different sources, search for excellence and intellectual and formal differences from other products. As a result, many theories, strategies and mechanisms have emerged that attempt to describe or give an intellectual model for the creative, distinguished and immortal product. However, there are products that transcend others, elevating their material and moral sides to be more like global models with strength. Rhetorical and impactful that transcends borders and is unique in time within its context. This power comes from the philosophical, intellectual and conceptual depth of these products and their acquisition of the epistemological transcendence, which means their connection to an integrated knowledge system whose organization depends on the existence of an epistemological base that works to transform the thought inherent in the self and find its semantic depth within a set of rules and mechanisms Evidence for sublime products carry methodological and applied force and explain the reasons for the strength of these products and analyze their ideas to create a realistic, transcendent intellectual system with absolute and selective concepts within which ideas move within a reference system that controls these concepts and gives them the frameworks interpreting them. An applied model for a specific intellectual concept, and the dimensions are represented Spirituality is one of the most important dimensions that contribute to the creation of ideological transcendence related to religious beliefs and laws to create products of high sanctity bearing the character of epistemological transcendence. The role of the spiritual dimensions as a philosophical source in creating the epistemology of the doctrinal transcendence of the products” and by relying on a main hypothesis, which is “the spiritual dimensions represent a basic philosophical source in provoking the endless sacred and ideological values in the system of epistemological transcendence.”

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