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The research deals with the concepts of ecological and healthy buildings and their interaction with the environment, and the impact of ecological architecture on human behavior and human health, leading to environmental health. Where environmental health is closely related to environmental sciences and public health. Environmental health includes the assessment and control of environmental factors that affect health and seeks to prevent diseases and create an environment that supports health because the interaction between individuals and their surroundings is the way in which our natural environment is formed Our character as individuals. The research aims to create an environment with healthy buildings by finding a model or strategies for creating a healthy building that positively affects human health and behavior. The research deals with strategies that provide thermal moderation, reduce pollution and save energy, through the inputs and outputs between the building and the environment. The conclusions indicated the efficiency of digital technology processes represented in the processes of modification and generation in building the ecological formations of architecture and the efficiency of technology mechanisms to produce the ecological formations of environmental architecture, and reaching a model for architecture that interacts with environmental systems through the integration of a set of operational systems and activating strategies that address buildings to make them healthy, livable and interactive buildings Its environment completely, as ecological design aims to achieve a symbiotic relationship between the factory system and the ecosystem and make the landscape as an ecosystem surrounding the system designed to solve complex environmental problems to achieve individual quality of life within the large community through: Defining the role of technology represented by mechanisms that provide the necessary treatments for architecture and indicators And ways of interaction between humans and buildings, and access to the necessary strategies to provide a model for healthy architecture and apply them in practice.