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The emergence of Islam is one of the most important human events in human life. It results in an urban revolution that became a center of stability for the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula and then spread to the rest of the regions, especially Asia, Africa, and Europe. The emergence of these urban centers was accompanied by great progress in the fields of human knowledge. Geographers have been interested in studying urban centers because they are prominent urban areas. Thus, the main purpose of this study is the formation of basic concepts that help in knowing the growth or decline of urban centers in the ancient Arab cities. The main purpose of this study is to clarify the conditions of Arab urban centers in our geographical heritage that helped the growth or decline of urban centers in ancient Arab cities. Military, economic, and health purposes are among the main variables that contributed to the emergence of urban centers. The study clarified that many of the variables that helped in the emergence of urban centers in the early stages have lost their role and erased their entity, while many of them continued to enjoy the prosperity of their commercial markets and their importance increased over time. The tracking of what happened to these cities over time was not followed by geographers and this led to the failure to identify many of the facts that led to their decrease or prosperity.