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The research dealt with a crucial topic” Synthesis” in various fields of knowledge, that led the research to define the concept linguistically and idiomatically and in most important fields associated with it reaching to architecture, by presenting studies show most important aspects associated with it in contemporary architecture by a general study in addition to studies that dealt with the concept within the contemporary architectural eras (modern, postmodern, deconstructive, digital) architecture to show formula specificity in these eras, and to determine accordingly research problem, which was represented in “knowledge lack about synthesis essence in contemporary architectural production”, And research aim was to clarify the specificity of the synthesis formula that achieved permanence of contemporary architectural production in terms of its essence and basic components. To achieve this goal, a two-stage approach was adopted. The first consisted in structuring a comprehensive theoretical framework included several items related to synthesis essence (Source type invested for synthesis, Spatio-temporal affiliation of the synthesized source, Synthesized source characteristics, Harmonic and total nature of the synthesized source), with an explanation of its possible values. The second stage was to apply the framework to elected architectural projects, which were represented by three projects (Foreign, Arab, local) to demonstrate formula specificity. Finally, Research emphasized the importance of adopting synthesis to achieve permanent in architecture - as an intentional act - that included new architectural products achievement while maintaining relationship with the assets (original sources synthesized) according to determinants that meet basic requirements of the new situation data.

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