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Research attempts to investigate the theories and trends of planning since emerging as a discipline in the era of modernity associated with the industrial revolution, the research assumed that the general feature of the theories of modernity in the planning is the totalitarianism based on rationality, the plan was presented as an expert familiar with all the details of the planning based on the centralization and planning style of the top To the bottom, while the urban planer of postmodernity retreat from the illusion of comprehensive knowledge and adopted the idea of conflict of interest in the city and the role of the urban planer is limited to awareness and to reconcile these interests, the importance of research comes from the framework of the theory of planning to be a guide for planners in their work, The research aims at spreading modern planning ideas in accordance with local privacy. The research produced the general framework for distinguishing the characteristics of each stage with the emergence of new ideas that can be classified according to the latest paradigm.