Chief Editor

Prof. Patryk Kot
Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom

Subspecialty: Microwave Sensor technologies
Prof. Patryk Kot graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Technology, MSc in Microelectronic Systems Design and a PhD entitled “The feasibility of using EM waves in determining the moisture content and factors effecting measurements in building fabrics”, completed in 2017. In 2021, he became a Professor of Microwave Sensor technologies and Deputy Director of BEST Research Institute. Prof. Patryk has many high-quality works and publications on the applications of sensors in environmental quality, heritage buildings, and other biological/medical applications, such as the use of sensors to detect Sensor for Lymphatic Filariasis.

Managing Editors

Assistant Prof. Dr. Anas Y. Al-Hayawi
Faculty of Education, Tikrit University, Iraq

Subspecialty: Medicine and Humans, Medicine and Society
Dr. Anas is a specialist in medicine and life, particularly interested in biology. Dr. Anas published a significant number of peer-reviewed, more than 20 articles, and also reviewed many articles for high-impact journals. Dr. Anas also enjoys good experience in population dynamics. He is a Member of the Asian Council of Science Editors.

Assistant Prof. Dr. Khalid Hashim
University of Babylon, Babylon, Iraq

Subspecialty: Environment and Human Life
Dr. Khalid is an assistant professor of Environment and Human Life at the University of Babylon, Iraq. He published more than 80 peer-reviewed papers and three book chapters. Dr. Khalid is currently acting as an Editorial Board Member of 7 international journals and as an Editor of two international conference series.

Dr. Salah L. Zubaidi
Wasit University, Iraq - Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Subspecialty: Engineering and Human Life
Dr. Salah has a PhD degree from Liverpool John Moores University, UK, in environment science and its effects on human life and climate change. Many of his works are published in Q1 journals, and he participated into many scientific publications. He has 31 Scopus-indexed articles.

Editorial Board

Dr. Salah M. Abbdelrahman
Arabic Islamic Institute, Tokyo, Japan

Subspecialty: Applied Linguistics
Dr. Salah has more than 30 years of teaching experience, familiar with high technologies in teaching Arabic as a foreign and second language using online teaching and virtual classes. He delivers programs that provide students with foreign/second language communications skills and cross-cultural awareness, applies the latest instructional methodologies to meet highly customized students' needs, conducts their language tests, exams, and cultural activities, and prepares educational standards.

Prof. Dr. Haitham M. Al-Jubouri
Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Babylon, Iraq

Subspecialty: Sports psychology, Psychology
Dr. Haitham is a doctor with a subspecialty in Sports Psychology. He holds three international patents and published one book and many articles. During his work at the University of Babylon, he supervised many postgraduate students, masters and doctorates and acted as an examiner for many postgraduate dissertations and thesis. He currently holds the position of Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Babylon, Iraq.

Dr. Daniel Antón
Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain

Subspecialty: Architecture
Dr. Antón, PhD in Architecture, is a researcher in architectural, archaeological and cultural heritage assets. He mainly focuses on analyzing the actual conservation status of the historical buildings.

Assistant Prof. S. S. Bader
University of Palestine, Gaza, Palestine

Subspecialty: Economy and Business
Dr. Bader is a researcher in economic growth, measuring economic growth by GDP and physical capital and economic growth. Dr. Bader taught economics and business in many universities, and he successfully published 25 peer-reviewed articles in different languages.

Prof. Dr. Basma K. Khaleefa
Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon

Subspecialty: Literature
Dr. Basma is a former lecturer at the Lebanese University for more than fifteen years, a literary advisor at Dar Al-Nahda Al-Arabiya for more than ten years, a writer and researcher in Andalusian literature and civilization and everything related to modern literature, techniques of expression, Arabic grammars, civilizations and literary arts, especially criticism literary. Additionally, Dr. Basma is a poet and writer of many balanced poems (Free Poems). Dr. Basma has more than 15 books and many articles currently considered references for many literary and linguistic studies. The Lebanese University also commissions her to update Arabic
language curricula and develop new descriptions.

Assistant Prof. Intisar Rashid Khaleel
Faculty of Education for the Humanities Sciences - Public Relations and Media Director at Iraq's Deputy Office of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Subspecialty: English Modern Literature and Criticism
Assist. Prof. Intisar Rashid Khaleel has been lecturing at Tikrit University for sixteen years. She is acting as the Director of the Public Relations and Media at Iraq's Deputy Office of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Dr. Intisar is a researcher in English literature, literary theories, and everything related to modern literature and criticism. She also authored many peer-reviewed publications and evaluated a large number of articles for high-impact journals. From 2016 until 2022, she worked as a coordinator and liaison officer for international
humanitarian organizations.

Prof. Dr. Tariq H. Khamees
Tikrit University, Tikrit, Iraq

Subspecialty: Philosophy
Dr. Tariq has a broad research interest in philosophy. He published three books and more than 22 articles about many aspects of philosophy, especially Islamic philosophy and religious philosophy. Dr. Tariq is a member of the academic staff at the faculty of education, Tikrit University, Iraq, and he is supervising many postgraduate students.

Prof. Dr. Jamila Mustafina
Naberezhnochelninsky Institute, Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia

Subspecialty: Philology, Linguistics
Prof. Jamila Mustfina is a Doctor of Philology, professor, Head of Foreign Languages Department of Naberezhnochelninsky Institute at Kazan Federal University (Kazan, Russia). The main area of her scientific interest is the support of minor and regional languages through the Education system in Russia and internationally. The results of her research are presented in books, articles, mass media, and in Russian and international conferences. She has been awarded Russian and international scientific research grants.

Dr. Hakim Touzani
Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Laayoune, Morocco

Subspecialty: International Law and Political Science
Dr. Hakim is a doctor in international law and political science. He is the general writer of the Legal, Judicial and Social Studies Center in Morocco. Dr. Hakim published more than 40 articles and 11 books dealing with international law and political studies.

Dr. Izuli Dzulkifli
The National University of Malaysia

Subspecialty: Islamic Education and Special Education
Dr. Izuli Dzulkifli has a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. He is a member of the academic staff at The National University of Malaysia. His research interests focus on Islamic Education and Special Education, especially for the deaf.